Hey there game-loving budz!

Have you finished Yume Nikki and are now wondering what other similar games are available? 

WELL! I’m trying to create a comprehensive list right here of all the cool horror/exploration games with a surreal vibe I can find and where to download them, especially for you!! Please click the readmore to browse the list (I don’t wanna stretch people’s dashboards THERE ARE A LOT)

(please note that this list is currently unfinished, and game versions offered here may not be up-to-date. If you have any suggestions for the list I would very very much love to hear!)

(THERE ARE CURRENTLY: 36+ free games under the

  1. First off, here are some of the various RTP (run time packages) needed to play RPG Maker games:

RTP 2000 (Japanese) (run with Japanese language on your computer!)

RTP 2000 + RTP 2000 v 1.32 + RTP VX (English)


If your game appears on this list and you don’t want it to be here, please contact me and I will remove!

(also I have not played every one of these to test, so apologies if any are kind of bad or crash, haha)

(EDIT: I will now include creator’s websites, if I can find them!)


  • Yume Nikki

download (English v 0.10)

Creator: Kikiyama’s official Yume Nikki website

  • Yume 2kki

download (Japanese v 0.100)

download (English v 0.098f partial translation)

Creator: 2chan Yume Nikki fangroup (I can’t find an official site..)

  • .flow

download (English v 0.17)

Creator: lol’s Deviantart        lol’s pixiv

lol’s Official .flow website

  • Lisa

download (English)

Creator: Dingaling’s RPGmaker.net profile

  • OFF

download (French)

download (English v 2.0)

Creator: Mortis Ghost’s Blogspot

  • Miserere

download (English v 1.02x)

Creator: SnowOwl’s website

  • Ao Oni

download (Eng, It, Kor, Japan v 6.23) (click the orange dots!)

Creator: This appears to be the official site?

  • Palette

download (English v 6.01)

Creator: Yoshitaka Nishida (AKA finger puppet)

  • The Witch’s House

download (English v 1.06)

Creator: Fummy’s sfficial site

  • Ib

download (English v 1.05)

Creator: kouri’s site

  • Mad Father

download (English v 1.04)

Creator: Sen’s site

  • The Crooked Man

download (English)

Creator: Uri’s site

  • Paranoiac

download (English)

Creator: Uri’s site

  • Misao

download (English v 2.02)

Creator: Sen’s site

  • Space Funeral

download (English)

Creator: thecatamite’s site

  • Space Funeral: Legend of Earth Birth

A fan-made sequel, download (English)

Creator: Duckstapler’s tumblr

  • Pen Pals

download (English)

Creator: MaroonRacoon’s tumblr

  • Lcd Dem

download (English v 0.30)

Creator: Koronba’s twitter

  • Fleshchild

download (English v. 0.00)

Creator: Bleet’s tumblr

  • The Looking Glass

download (English v. 0.05)

Creator: Bleet’s tumblr

  • Me, め, or 目

download (English v. 0.10+)

  • imscared

download (English + Italian)

Creator: Ivan Zanotti (mymadnessworks)’s blog

  • Hidden in the Shadows 1&2

download (English + Italian) 1

download (English) 2

Creator: CPSoft’s site

  • Eversion

download (v 1.7.3) (it’s a platformer but I think it fits in here)

Creator: Zaratustra Productions’s site

  • I See You

download (English)

Creator: Bryce Maciel’s tumblr

  • NostAlgic

download (v 0.06)

download (bugfix 1)      download (bugfix 2)

Creator: Tom or Tom34 (I can’t find a site…)

  • The Other Line

download (English v 0.07+)

Creator: Psiwolf’s tumblr

  • Yume Nisshi

download (English v 0.02)

download (Japanese v 0.03)

Creator: Zenmaigahara’s twitter

  • Samwise Wolfgang

download (English)

Creator: MichaelTheAkin’s gamejolt profile

  • Middens

download (English v 3.1) (also for Mac!!)

Creator: John Clowder (myformerselves)’s tumblr

  • The Mirror Lied

download (English v 2.0)

Creator: Freebirdgames.com

  • Desert Nightmare

download (English)

Creator: Kelven (I can’t find a development website for this game, but I can for Schuld, which he also made! V V V)

  • Schuld

download (German)

download (English)
Creator: Kelven’s game contest forum thread

  • Divinity Fatum, Divinity Fatum: Birth

download (English, original RPG Maker XP version)

download Divinity Fatum: Birth, the prequel (English)

download (English, build of RPG Maker Ace remake of original, combines original and prequel into one game)

Creator: GreyInvidia’s tumblr

  • One Night series

download One Night (English, v 5.1b)

download One Night 2: The Beyond (Ultimate Edition) (English, v 1.4)

download One Night 3: Full Circle (English v 1.3)

download One Night 4 (English)
Creator: D. Robert Grixti’s (Dark Gaia’s) development site

  • the white chamber

download (English + German dub, English, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugese and Russian text, v 1.7)

Creator: Studio Trophis website

  • Crypt Worlds

download (English): PC download  MAC download  Linux download

Creator: the Crypt Worlds website

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